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In 2000 more than 300 life sized moose sculptures roamed the city of Toronto. Then, they seemed to virtually vanish...

We're on the search to find them! After all, where have they all gone and what have they been up to? We're going out to find the stories, the people, the places and, of course, the moose!

We've found moose on islands and in offices, hidden in forests and in fields, in camps and in training centres. Moose are everywhere! Sometimes they're right under our noses!

There were 326 moose, so it's a huge task to find them! Some have even gone around the globe!

If you've seen a moose in your neighbourhood or know the whereabouts of a moose, please let us know!

'Moose' is an independent documentary. If you'd like to become a sponsor please check out our sponsorship page.

Thanks so much and happy moose tracking!

Anna and Derek

Anna Sand - Producer/Director

Anna was trained as a marine biologist and researched population genetics in Canada and Europe before using her science background to develop documentaries, specializing in science, medicine and engineering. She was the lead researcher developing the internationally acclaimed Discovery Channel series 'Mega Builders' and was the associate producer of the Gemini award winning 'Gamer Revolution', a two part special which aired on Discovery International and the CBC. 'Moose' is Anna's first feature length, independent documentary that she will be producing and directing.

Derek Rucas - Director/Director of Photography

Rucas graduated from the film program at Queen's University. He has worked on such programs such as CBC's 'Above and Beyond', History Television's 'Masterminds' and the Food Network's 'Opening Soon' and 'Opening Soon: By Design'. In the fall of 2007, Rucas collaborated with documentary producer Anna Sand and directed his first short film since film school, 'John, I'm Sorry', which was screened at the Mid Ulster Film Festival in Ireland in May 2008. Rucas is co-directing, filming and editing 'Moose'.